Publishing the diagnostics event from firmware

Hello! I currently have an Electron 2G set up to publish data every 18 minutes and between publishes enter stop mode with SLEEP_NETWORK_STANDBY so the connection is preserved. However since the connection to the cloud never resets the Electron never sends a new “spark/device/diagnostics/update” event.

Is there any way to force this event being published from the firmware without creating a completely new connection that takes a lot of data? Or can I get the variables from the diagnostics event by themselves?

I’m primarily interested in

  • Battery percentage
  • Battery voltage
  • Memory used and total
  • Signal strength (%)
  • Signal strength (dB)
  • Round-trip time

At least battery percentage and voltage I know that I can get from function calls in the firmware.


EDIT: After checking the docs more thoroughly I found what I needed. Instead of publishing vitals at command however I will only publish the data I’m interested in, to save data :slight_smile:

(I just replicated your edit as separate post in order to mark it as solution for this thread)