Power Off / Update = Spark Insanity Will Not Connect

Is anyone else having issues with their spark loosing its identity when it goes offline? When I push an update to my core it flashes correctly and sometimes flatlines and goes dead with no lights. Unplugging and plugging it back in and it cant connect to my wifi and getting it to connect becomes a complete nightmare of messing around.

Removing and re-applying power also has the same effect. If my cores will go bananas every time I update or kill power I think my projects are doomed to fail from the start.

Any thoughts?

Have you tried a couple of factory resets?
Does this also happen when you flash firmware that is known to work (e.g. Tinker FW, Blink an LED, …)?
Or does it only happen after your FW had been running?

If it only happens with your own code, you might have to check that - or give a clue, what you are doing, to identify possible causes.

Some more detail about where your Core gets stuck (color code) might be helpful, too.

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I have indeed done factory resets. Although you have hit on something. I updated the code and do recall it flashing red before all my grief started.

I guess my code although it compiled good is the source of the problem?

My code is pretty rudimentary. Connect to Wifi and transmit some basic numbers to xively. I am in the process of porting an arduino uno project to spark core ( Relays and Thermistors ) so the xively test is more a stability test. So far its been a bit of a nightmare.

I am going to do a factory reset right now… again.

Just as an update I plugged my core into my laptop and it IMMEDIATELY came back to life and the code I pushed to it earlier that I suspected might have been the problem is working perfectly.

I have two cores I may need to crack the other one out and see what its doing.

Secondary update. I have plugged it back into my wall plug and once again I am flashing Green with no ability to connect. Soon as I put it into my Laptop though everything goes back to AOK.

This issue is definitely not my code. Thoughts anyone? I have followed the normal ‘reset / connection’ processes.

Update: Tried a 3rd time and was able to connect!

Glad you see some light at the end of the tunnel :sunny:

In this case, literally :slight_smile: