Crazy behaviour after update?

Hi there!
My spark core was running successfully all the time.
After flashing it startet to became crazy.
My core is blinking fast cyan, then 3 times yellow, and fast cyan again. Maybe all 30 seconds fast green.
It could not connect to Wifi, and stop running my custom code in the loop although he is in semi-automatic mode.
When I want to re-configure the wifi setting it doesn’t work. Listening mode is on (blue blinking) and the app on my phone can’t find anything.
Power off … on… and we are again in blinking fast cyan. :confounded:
Is there any known issue?

if (Spark.connected() == false && trytoconnect == LOW) {
trytoconnect = HIGH;
if (Spark.connected() == true) {
trytoconnect = LOW;

Try flashing tinker firmware and see if it connects

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Thanks a lot :slight_smile:, I didn’t know that there is automatically the actual “firmware target” selected when you flash your core.
So my understanding ist that the firmware on my core didn’t match with the firmware target that was selected and so the crazy behaviour was the result.
Is that right?

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It’s different for the Core since the entire firmware (system + user) is flashed via OTA.

The “firmware target” would only impact the source code version that your user firmware is compiled against.

I am guessing that your user code has some issues causing the behavior.

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BTW, even when using a Spark Core, the modern wording would be Particle.connect() and Particle.connected() - Spark.xxxx() is deprecated.

OK, Thanks for that information.
If you have less experience like me you would also say “never change a runnig system”. :wink:

@HH1, that’s fine!

Just ask along. I will be happy to help you along and the community will do the same. :wink: