Power Booster Mesh Network

Hello Everyone,

I have a problem. I use an argon and a lot of xenon in my networks, I am in industry and these xenon and argon serve me to put back critical information.

So I had to add a lot of Xenon only to make repeater. No useful function only repeater, today 8 xenon already.

To reduce the number of Xenon I thought of 2 possibilities:

  • increase the power of MESH networks on Xenon and Argon
  • find a device capable of repeating.

I could go on like this, but I find it a shame to have to pay a subscription because I have 80% of repeater.

I did a lot of research on the internet and the forum, but I can not find anything. I even thought to equip each Xenon with an RJ45, but today my structure works in Local only and I transmit the information by the MESH with a listening Xenon is transmitted by SerialCOM port to a raspberry information. The one records in a database to display it on a graph “Grafana”.

Would anyone have an idea to solve my MESH power problem.

I forgot all my argon and xenon on antennas

A third option: When your main end points of the long distance connection are stationary you could use directional antennas to span the distance with only two devices.

BTW, what distance are we talking about?
How clear is the line of sight between the devices?
Are there any “interfering” signals that may make the antenna approach unfeasible?

These are a few threads that may help
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Whilst the taoglass antenna is much better than no antenna I would suggest using a pigtail and whiplash type antenna. The other thing to consider is the orientation of the antenna and how far off the ground the antenna is. The threads that @scruffr has included in his reply will give you some leads and advice as to what works best. Ultimately, it could be that your industrial environment is just too cluttered with EMI!!


BTW, what distance are we talking about?
maximum 50 m between each sensor

How clear is the line of sight between the devices?
No entre chaque capteur il y a des murs, beaucoup 1-3 murs. Ce sont des murs remplit de fer

Are there any “interfering” signals that may make the antenna approach unfeasible?
Yes, there is a lot of interference. It’s a factory, a big factory.

Thank you very much for the links, it’s great!

I think I will build an RJ45 network with a local MQTT server. These installations are 100% autonomous and must work if there is a loss of power or internet.

Today each sensor is connected to the MESH network and transmits information every 5 seconds to a master Xenon to choose the best solution to adopt according to a alogrithm.

Good job there is Google Translate :wink:

No between each sensor there are walls, many 1-3 walls. These are walls filled with iron

I guess you'e better be served with Photons and WiFi APs interlinked via Ethernet.

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GoogleTranslate is really handy for me :wink:

The wifi is not allowed in the area of the factory, too bad.

Once again @ScruffR thank you very much for your help and your answer. You are always on top!

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