Xenon MESH Network - Tips & Tricks

I wanted to start a thread to discuss and share how to successfully build a stable MESH network using Xenons with the Boron or Argon with the current RC25 firmware.

The new equipment is starting to arrive so I’m guessing I’m not the only person who will be asking for the same advice.

I personally have a very stable Boron LTE with 5 unstable Xenons connected to its MESH network.

All devices are running Default Tinker.

I see the Xenons start blinking cyan and never automatically reconnect without having to manually reset them. The reconnection times for the Xenons is long, and sometimes never.

The Boron LTE is always connected and never leaves breathing cyan and is always pingable even while the Xenons are disconnected and trying to reconnect.

Maybe this is a problem with the Tinker code?

What is working for people out there who have deployed custom code?

Please share your tips and tricks so the rest of us can get up and running quicker.

My first priority is to figure out how to keep the MESH network up as much as possible and to minimize the reconnection times when they do have to reconnect.

Does Tinker have any known issues on the Xenon devices?

Is there a link that shows the improvements that firmware RC26 is solving, so we have a better idea what issues are being worked on?


I have the exact same thing happening. I just received my package yesterday and set up a Boron with 3x Xenons. The Boron seems stable but the Xenons are all disconnecting every few minutes. I also have an Argon which I was not able to set up.

I’ll leave a link here to this little tidbit if information