Setting up Argon and Xenon mesh network

I got my mesh products today, decided to take a couple home to try out over the weekend. Looking through some of the posts here, I figured it would take me awhile to work through the bugs and quirks to get it set up. Turns out I was wrong, I ran into 2 issues, one self inflicted, but overall I had a mesh network set up within about a half hour, maybe less.

Issue 1) For some reason I couldn’t get the Argon to communicate over bluetooth for setup. I cycled power, and reset the bluetooth on my phone and it immediately connected the second time, updated the firmware, and allowed for Wi-Fi and mesh network setup.

Issue 2, self inflicted) setting up the Xenon was a little tricky since the wording can seem vague if you’re not really paying attention. Your gateway must be breathing cyan to broadcast the mesh network ‘SSID’, but then it has to be put into listening mode after to make the connection, after that, everything setup fantastic.

I’m extremely happy with this so far, and it has been worth the wait, now to work on getting my product firmware over to it and see what kind of range, latency, reliability, etc I can expect. Thanks Particle for a job well done.


Great to hear!

What size networks are you planning on setting up for your products?

It will be interesting to see all the different MESH applications as these get pushed out into the wild.

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Mine will vary in size depending the installation site, but usually 4 or more.

The real test is range for me, if we have to be within ~30’ then mesh won’t do me a lot of good.

I agree that is a very short distance.

What is an acceptable range for you?

Setups now range from 50’ to a few hundred between points. A lot of those I’ve used photons or electrons on, but many companies are still hardwiring that distance. Ultimately we would like to stop hard wiring completely.

Same plan here for one application, short range device to device communication that works even if the WiFi or cellular is not available.

The range has to be better than 30 - 50 feet I’m hoping, something similar to WiFi. We shall see.

I have 5 Zenons, and multple Aragon’s and Boron LTE’s ordered so I’ll have some test data to share also.

Keep us posted on how it plays out.

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