Possible to share a device via products using the mobile app?

Hey’a - recently built a small Boron based project for my local club, and we have a couple of folks who would need/want to administer the device. Folks were excited that there’s the Particle IOT mobile app, but it appears that it doesn’t understand sharing a device as part of a product - only devices which you, personally, have activated/setup.

Am I missing something or is this planned? Seems the app doesn’t get a lot of love, and mobile is kind of a thing now.

I think the Particle mobile app is not geared to products.

Some ways out:

  • create an account for this particular Boron and share it with folks that need access to it
  • create a blynk app and share that app with these folks
  • create an app, web site, script, whatever is familiar to you that communicates directly to the Particle APIs

Does any of them have a chance of helping in your case?

Hi Gustavo - kinda confirms what I suspected.

  1. Shared account for a device - Yes, I see that option. With emphasis on security, and 2-factor authentication, this seems like the wrong thing to do.

  2. I haven’t used blynk, but I assume this along the same lines of 3…

  3. Build an app - Can do. Distributing the app is quite a pain tho, esp on iOS. Android is not a problem to sideload an apk, but TestFlight/xcode is a right pain in the backside.

In short, the mobile app has some useful features - call functions, see events, etc - and even while limited in features, it supports the particle login process and I would think that would/could also include sharing access to a product. Which apparently it does not.

At least one of the team can work around it by accessing the web console on ipad, and it apparently does a decent enough job that it’s usable…and product sharing works there, which is really what we wanted.

if you can build an app, perhaps it’s in your means to build a web app?
in that case, you host the app wherever you want, and there would be no need to sideload or testflight.


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I think @chipmc post a month or so ago was around this same context of a mobile app that has some product features/functionality in it. Similar discussion around build your own app, build a web app or use other web IoT application s (I.e. Blynk) was discussed.

@h00die - Might be worth reading the posts here as well for some other ideas/background: Mobile App Development for the Non-Mobile App Developer

Interesting. Thanks for sharing!

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