Product and Customers

Hello everyone,

Over the past 2 years I have been working on creating a product that uses the Boron LTE chip. The device is simple but very useful in the IT world. Over the last few months, it started to gain momentum and I have received a lot more interest in it. I’m not a programmer by any means, I have spent many hours developing an Android and iOS app learning everything by myself from scratch. My goal is to utilize the Particle platform and some other opensource/automation tools without having to create a full two-legged backend system as long as I can. I’m just not in the position to hire a programmer at the moment. My current workflow is as follows:

  1. Customer is asked to go to a website to register for an account
  2. The form on the website collects some basic customer information along with the device ID
  3. Once the form is submitted webhooks are used to create a customer on the Particle platform under a specific product ID.
  4. I then use the generated customer token to assign the device to the customer using curl commands - (I keep track of user tokens in a spreadsheet)
  5. Customer then launches the iOS/Android app and logins to interactive with the device.

Few questions/comments

  1. First, I wanted to thank the Particle Community for all the help I got along the process! I think this is a great platform and I really hope you guys succeed despite some hard times! I see the IoT adaption accelerating at a much after faster pace then it has so far partially thanks to the pandemic.
  2. Going back to the workflow, is there any way I can use my “master” token to assign devices to customers? If not, is there any plans to sunset the product/customer feature or will new features be expanded in the future? Am I a using it in the “right way”? Is there a better way to do this while still using a simple auth?

Thanks again!