Creating customers and claiming a device


Hello there.

I just finished my prototype with Particle Core(going to upgrade to Photon soon).

Developed an Android app for my product. Put the client ID, client secret and the product ID in my resource file.After that, I implemented a screen to sign up as customer with signUpAndLogInWithCustomer function in Android SDK. Currently I’m successfully creating a customer without errors but there are no customers on my product console after this process. My question is does a customer need to claim a device to appear on my console?

And secondly, after I log in with my customer account I’m claming the Core with claimDevice function(its connected to the cloud while this process taking place and yes, going to use Device Setup Library after I upgrade to Photon). But cant get any publish event via this account. Why? Im claiming it with my customer account without errorrs. I guess I need to claim it with Spark Legacy Tinker app or Device Setup library after I upgrade to photon.

Thank you.