Web App - Simple Auth - Unable to claim device

I am working on creating a Simple Auth Web App. I have been following multiple conversations on this topic and I still have some issues in successfully claiming a Photon (Simple Authentication). By now, I have succeeded in:

  1. Creating a OAuth client ID.

  2. Create a customer + getting customer access token.

  3. Create a claim code using: https://api.particle.io/v1/device_claims?access_token=access_token_of_customer_created_in_step_2.

  4. Send WiFi credentials using SoftAp (using the work from @mebrunet - https://github.com/mebrunet/softap-setup-page ), including the claim_code parameter generated in step 3 in the url ( http://mydomain.com/softap/?claim_code=claim_code_generated_in_step_3 ).

According to JavaScript console, the claim code is successfully sent to the Photon. From what I understood reading the docs, when the Photon gets the WiFi credentials and connects to the Internet, it sents back the claim code to the Particle Cloud to finish the claiming process, but on my Particle Dashboard I cannot see any claimed device and not even a customer created.

I have read the docs, but I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong. Any help is welcome!

did you remember to flash the appropriate firmware to the device that sets the product id in the firmware code?

try logging into your test user account (i.e. the user that is trying to claim the device) using particle - cli command line, and then try to claim the device with particle-cli claim deviceid claimcode and see if it works.

If it gives you a different product id message like this:

then your device most likely has the wrong firmware loaded.