Please Help Me To Recover The All Deleted Data

Greetings to all my friends, I’m having a major issue; I’ve lost all of my storage data and am unable to recover it. Can anyone tell me how I can get my deleted data back? Please help me to fix the issue. I am utterly confused about getting the issue.

@AlexanderSmitham, what deleted data and from where? Can you provide more details please.

Sorry I forgot to mention here. It was my USB drive.

@AlexanderSmitham, what does this have to do with this Community which is for Particle devices?

Actually after creating the account on this forum, I encountered such kind of issue. I do not understand how can I fix it. So I posted the topic here.

@AlexanderSmitham, I doubt creating an account on this forum would cause any data deletion! However, if you do a Google search, you may find utilities and guides to help recover the data. This forum focuses on supporting Particle products.