Undelete a few apps

Just been tidying up my IDE and deleted some apps … is it possible to undelete them? 1 of the 3 was precious!

Nope, no standard way to do that. That’s what the confirmation question should protect you from :wink:

But maybe you can ping an admin to pull a past snapshot from the servers - @KyleG, can you get an admin to do that?

@Rob_W, to do that, can you provide your registration address for the respective account and the exact time (with time zone ;-)) when the delete happened to @KyleG via PM?


Thanks for the message of hope - I’m a stickler for backups. :cold_sweat:

I’m new to IDE - sorry - can you tell me how to send a PM correctly?

@KyleG Hoping you can help me restore 3 apps that I deleted without backup … I deleted them around 13:30 GMT 8 Dec 2017 and the address is build.particle.io/build/5a2a905f597791d024000945


you should be able to click the tag of Kyle and get a popup box with a Message button for PM


That’s what I’d hoped - but I just get Kyle’s badges. Only see a message button against my own tag. Maybe I need to be a member longer before I can PM?? Is there any other way of contacting Kyle?

This is all I see for Kyle

Try again ;)?


Ta Da … that works now

Thanks very much