Photon USB setup issues


Having a great deal of trouble getting my photon setup.

I need to connect it to a hidden WPA2 network so I’ve been doing USB setup with my Mac. The computer always tells me:

No devices detected via USB.

So I proceed with WiFi setup. I usually get to here:

Obtaining device information…
Setting up device id 2f002b001747343338333633
Requesting public key from the device…
Setting the magical cloud claim code…
Telling the Photon to apply your Wi-Fi configuration…
The Photon will now attempt to connect to your Wi-Fi network…

Configuration complete! You’ve just won the internet!
? Would you like to return this computer to the wireless network you just config
ured? Yes
! It doesn’t look like your Photon has made it to the cloud yet.

But if I’m lucky, once in a blue moon I can get here:

It looks like your Photon has made it happily to the cloud!

At this point, I try to find the Photon with my iPhone or with the computer using

particle cloud list

and I can never find it.

So I’m really not sure if this is a problem with the way my network is configured or what.

Thanks for your thoughts…


Can you see it in the web IDE under your devices?