Photon that's been set up before now not working


I’m trying to set my photon up again after it started flashing red, then breathing magenta, then flashing cyan in a loop. After doing a factory reset it is now flashing blue.

I’m currently connecting via USB using the CLI. When I do ‘particle setup’ it detects the photon, but then says ‘No nearby Photons detected.’ When I do ‘particle setup wifi’ i’m getting:

Something went wrong [Error: Opening \\.\COM4: File not found]

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

First there is no Factory Reset for the Photon anymore and there is also a pinned topic about it
AVOID factory reset - What to do with unexpected LED behavior on a Photon

Next, did you put your Photon into Listening Mode (blinking blue)?
This is necessary for the SoftAP and particle serial wifi to work.

Thanks for your quick response ScruffR. After some messing around it seems to be working now :smile: . I’m pretty sure the problem was that I was that unknown to me my computer was connected to an extension of my wifi network, rather than the actual router, which wouldn’t let me see the Photon…