Photon stuckon breathing green

I have two Photons stuck on breathing green. Consistent behavior.

-Connect to Particle cloud after booting for 30 seconds and changed to breathing green
-After that can’t get into Setup mode to set Wifi credential either

-Reset the Photon by putting in DFU mode and did Particle Update. But the behavior hasn’t changed upon boot up.

Any suggestion or help is appreciated.

What does Safe Mode do?

@ScruffR, It shows breathing magneto in safe mode.

That suggests that your code is blocking the cloud tasks.
Showing your code might reveal the cause.


@ScruffR, If I did a DFU mode and Particle Update, won’t that do factory reset to Photon?

I also try flashing the device with the sample code. It wouldn’t flash either.

No it doesn’t factory reset

Try this in DFU mode

particle flash --usb tinker