Stuck in safe mode

Hello all. I have had a Sparkfun Photon Redboard for the last couple months. I haven’t done too much with it because of lack of time, but I was able to run various example codes like Blink an LED or Web-Connected LED. However, something seems to have gone wrong. My Photon now boots up, connects correctly, then begins breathing green after a few seconds. It seems that I am stuck in safemode. Furthermore, my Particle Console shows my device coming online, then immediately passing an event called spark/device/last_reset the data “power_down”. Then, exactly a minute later, the Particle Console shows my device going offline. My Photon continues breathing green all the while. Have I accidentally potatoed my device?



Safe Mode would be breathing magenta (red + blue).
Your symptom description rather suggests that your running firmware is either disconnecting from cloud or blocking the cloud process.

Try to explicitly enter Safe Mode and from there flash some other code (e.g. Tinker).

Wow, that’s kind of embarrassing. Worked like a charm. Thank you so much!

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