Photon shows offline, but its really online and running fine

I have seen this a lot, and have usually cycled the power of the photon to resolve. However, this time, I let it run, and to my surprise it has appeared back online. I saw the comments on shutting down the app etc. I’m pretty sure I tried that in the past and it didn’t work.
I’m using Android BTW.

I’ve had this issue happen to me sporadically, but it seems to happen more often where spotty WiFi coverage is an issue. To get around the problem of seeing Photons lose their “visible” status in the Dashboard and/or CLI, I’ve recently added a small routine to be processed one time per loop execution. Try adding a small timeout function that would poll the return value of Particle.Connected() like so:

if (Particle.connected == false){;
delay (100);
delay (100);
delay (100);
delay (10000);

While running SYSTEM_THREAD(ENABLED) should keep your Photon online all the time, I don’t think the back end that Particle servers run to check if Photons are alive is quite robust enough to rely solely upon SYSTEM_THREAD(ENABLED). That’s at least been my experience. Please correct me if I’m wrong, Elites.

I’m getting this exact issue with 2 out of my 3 photons running 0.6.1 firmware. I’ve tried resetting them, removing and reconnecting to wifi, restarting the ios app… Nothing works. One is an internetbutton and it’s always connected, but just suddenly went offline, along with another one that I had been recently pushing new code to. Now I can’t get either of them to show online again, even though they’re LED is breathing cyan, and everything else appears to be working fine. But I can’t flash new code to them which is the real problem. Please help if there’s a fix for this! Thanks,

Have you tried Safe Mode or a USB update?

Thanks @ScruffR - After a couple more hours they seemed to just come back online. I’ll just keep my eye on it for now. Thank you!

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