Photon mysteriously goes Off-Line

I have a Photon sitting next to my WiFi router and it has been powered up and running code continuously for many months. Periodically, I find that its status on the particle cloud is offline, even though it is breathing cyan and running my program. I can tell that it is running my program because the program responds to external sensor trips and blinks the D7 LED twice whenever a valid sensor code is obtained by the Photon. So – why does it go offline, and how to I get it restored to online without resetting it?

Note: It seems to go offline after some prolonged period of inactivity of tripping sensors; however loop() is running continuously.


This happens to me in the dashboard (Particle Build) sometimes for some P1/Photons but I am still able to call cloud functions or flash firmware updates for those modules so they are still connected to the Particle cloud.

Is that the case?

No. I cannot contact it via the cloud nor can I flash code to it. It shows offline and the cloud behaves as if it is offline. The only thing that I can do is reset it and then it reestablishes a cloud connection and shows up as online. However, in so doing, I lose the data that the Photon has collected. Furthermore, I cannot deploy this photon to a site because I then could not access it physically to reset it.

I had reported this behavior before, but it was supposed to be fixed in a firmware revision. However, I am running the latest firmware (049) and this is still happening.

I have 2 Cores running the same firmware (for much longer) and they never had this problem. I now have one Electron, also running this same firmware, and I have not seen this problem occur (however, I haven’t had the Electron for very long).