Claim Device (photon)

Hi everyone

A photon is been successfully claim using IOS particle app, from the device led indication that the device is connected to cloud but the Particle App shows the device is offline, when go through the console log event, it shows that the device is went online and follow immediate event called “auto_update” and nothing coming after that. from web particle build, it shows online but can not flash the device, in IOS app, it shows offline, I’m really confused, can anyone giving a helping hand?


What is the LED doing on the device? (color and pattern).
Is this a new device?

it’s a new device and show normal blue show blinking which indicate cloud connection!

Is that breathing cyan or blinking blue listening mode?

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the device is located in Australia, I’m in currently in china, I’m using the VPN to access particle site, I’m not sure this is causing the problem!

sorry, it’s cyan!

Wait what? :wink:

I’m replacing a faulty photon and want to flush the new firmware the the new photon!

Word of advice, it’s very hard to access particle site from china, it’s impossible to use web build to flush firmware here!

Have you had any luck with Particle Dev or particle-cli?

I’m trying your stuff:grin: