Photon P1 connection stability

I just got a new photon p1 running on 0.5.3 and I’m having issues staying connected to the wifi at work. I can get it to connect every once in a while but its very unstable and often wont reconnect. The wifi at work is WPA2 AES secured and there are a ton of devices connected to it. I tried the photon on my home network at it worked like a charm. It took only a few seconds to connect and never lost connection.

I only need to be connected to the wifi to pull data once per hour so I don’t need a constant connection but my code won’t run while trying to connect. Has anyone had any connection issues with a p1 on a busy network before?

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If you want your code running while connecting, you may want to use SYSTEM_THREAD(ENABLED) and SYSTEM_MODE(SEMI_AUTOMATIC)

Busy networks might pose a stumbling block for your device. One thing you might want to make sure then is that you only have one set of WiFi credentials stored, so that others might not be tried in vain.
If there is a possibility to get a static IP assigned for your device might also help to cut out the DHCP process.