Photon P0 and P1 losing cloud connection after few secs

So we have many photons of P0 and P1 type. But there is one P0 and one P1 in which the we keep losing the cloud connection after few secs (~7-9 sec).

Both the photons are in Manual mode. We are calling the particle.process() function in every run of the loop. Also, there is no code that holds the loop at all. Also, we have handled the cloud connection and it connects immediately after we retry.

To add we also have the system thread enabled.

The most concerning part is that the other photons with the same firmware do not show same behavior. This has plagued our entire development process.

Need urgent help. Delaying the development process.

How many devices are you running in parallel?
Are the two duds behaving the same when they are alone on the network?
Are you using dynamic or static IP?
How do these devices behave with a simple test firmware?

So yes I am using static ip addresses. So there are no more than one photon on the same network and no more than 5 wifi enabled devices like phones and laptop on the same network. Also, we did some tests and found that this behaviour is found on a gsm wifi dongle (even with Tinker code). This gsm wifi dongle can take upto 10 devices but we are only at 5 devices. So needed to know what could be the cause as we may run into such issues during installations. The device does acquire the static ip address but keeps losing the cloud connection. But it behaves perfectly ok on another network.

How much control do you have over the WiFi dongle? Can you make sure the CoAP port stays open, for instance?

I think the solution may be in the dongle settings and not in the Photon if you can reproduce the problem with Tinker and cannot reproduce it on other networks.

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