Cloud connection lost and reconnected at a steady pace

After working on a project for a long time, I can no longer program it Over The Air (only via serial). The problem seems to be that the P1 module is incapable of holding a consistent connection the Particle Cloud. Here is a video showing the Cyan(ish?) blink pattern

This repeats forever. The P1 is using the 0.6.2 firmware. Any suggestions as to how I can resolve this and get OTA back? The connection to the internet is not disturbed when this happens as the device streams realtime data every second to an MQTT server.

I counted 10 seconds cycle for each time the issue happened.

If you flash a empty firmware, is this behavior exhibited as well?

Maybe a Particle.process() is needed somewhere to service the cloud connection stuff.

You can try to “catch” it within the 10 second timeframe and hit flash!

@kennethlimcp If I flash with anything else on the same device, it all works. Calling Particle.process is very likely the thing here, so thanks! I’m 99% certain that’s it.

I thought that would be run automatically as part of the main loop, but I guess it’s not since I’m using MANUAL mode. I had a call to process there earlier, but had forgotten that it was required. Brilliant!

The docs clearly state that in MANUAL mode your application code is responsible for calling Particle.process() regularly.

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Yes. Entirely my own fault! I implemented this 1+ month ago and simply forgot it was required :-/