Photon connection to the cloud

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We have a problem with our photon. Every time that we try to connect the photon and undertake all the required steps we end up with breathing green light. We have looked up that this means that there is a wifi connection but the photon is not connected to the cloud. This could be because of the code that we use only the thing is that the code is not yet flashed when the connection with the cloud is lost. We use the desktop IDE and also the serial connection through the usb wire does not seem to react on the flash. Really curious if anyone could clarify what goes wrong.

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It’s hard to recommend anything as you have given us very few, and somewhat confusing, details. Are you able to post your code or share your project (if using Web IDE)?

You kind of say that your user firmware isn’t running… but if you were running the default “tinker”, I doubt you would be losing the cloud connection. When in doubt, re-flash tinker. If you still lose the cloud connection then you know it’s your user code. If you do lose Cloud connection with Tinker then we would go after something on your network like a firewall blocking the cloud connection.

The other thing you could look for is if your code does lengthy delays (i.e. using delay() or lengthy while or for loops). The best practices use non-blocking code so that you fall through the loop() as quickly as possible. If your code delays for about 10 seconds the cloud connection will drop because the device OS doesn’t get enough time to service that cloud connection.


If you can put your device in Safe Mode and it will reach breathing magenta, it’s definetly the application on the device that causes this behaviour.

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