Photon On-board LED always green


My Particle Photon led show always green after setup…Not cyan …
And not unable to upload program and flash…


What exactly is the LED doing? Breathing, blinking, solid?


Green LED breathing…


And able to setup Photon with Android Particle app.
In CLI, error message show the devices cannot reach the cloud…


Try putting the device in Safe Mode.
Breathing green indicates that the running code is not attempting to connect to the cloud but only to the WiFi network.
(particularly the More information part)


I cannot setup my photon device…So Safe mode cannot enter.
After led go green breathing, I unclaim my device…


Then put your device into DFU Mode and use CLI to reflash Tinker (particle flash --usb tinker).
You can also set the WiFi credentials via CLI (particle serial wifi - when in Listening Mode) and then you can enter Safe Mode.


After pressing both setup and reset,it changes to safe mode but if i release reset it change to white color.
After Pressing for a long moment, it changes to DFU mode…
Now led is green blinking…


DFU Mode would be blinking yellow


I mean After DFU mode i update firmware.
After Updating firmware, LED green blinking…


Now blinking green indicates that the device is trying to connect to you WiFi.
If it can never move on to cyan, chances are that your WiFi credentials are wrong.
Are you using WEP or a captive portal?