Photon Not Finding Cloud

I attended a hands-on workshop earlier this week and was able to use the Photon in class over the companies designated WiFi, got connected to, etc, completed about 75% of it. I came home attempted to do the same. I followed the WiFi setup, putting the Proton in Listening mode and then doing

particle serial wifi

I entered all my WiFi information and nothing could connect. I then logged into my Router and I can confirm the router sees the device by obtaining my devices MAC address and matching it up with the connected devices list. I know it’s search for the cloud because it is flashing cyan rapidly which the docs (which are great btw) indicates that is what the Photon is doing. If there are any other troubleshooting tips or things to look for either in my Photon or even home network/router configuration, I’d really appreciate it.



And I know I’ve seen this asked elsewhere but the WiFi network is a 2.4GHz, WPA2 mixed GN network setup currently.

Thanks again,


Is it showing ANY other colors/patterns other than blinking cyan?

If you’ve got the CLI installed properly, try placing it in DFU mode, and issuing Particle update, and the same for Particle flash --usb tinker. Then hold the setup button for ~10 second u til it blinks blue quickly.

That should grt it as close to factory as possible, and would eliminate potential issues in code.

Have you by any chance used WiFi.useStaticIP() in your code?

I did try the perticle update yesterday in DFU mode but didn’t do the tinnker command. I can execute both and the hold and see. Also, my code was very basic from the workshop and did not use any of the WiFi commands. Thanks,


No luck trying everything suggested. I’m going to reach out to the instructor of the workshop and see. My coworker who was also at the same workshop hasn’t tried it yet on his home network so I’m kinda waiting to see if has issues as well. Thanks for the help,