Photon: Even BlinkanLED example halts in blinking green state after some minutes

My photon used to work fine for months but now, it breaths cyan for some seconds and then starts blinking green fast. I have to reset the photon AND the Access Point to start working fine for some seconds… And then again the blinking green.
I uploaded the BlinkanLED example from the platform and upgrated the firmware to 1.2.0 beta but the problem persists.
May this be a hardware problem?
The AccessPoint is very near the photon so it is not a matter of wifi coverage.
What could cause the Access Point to block and need restart??? Any idea?
When the photon is off, the Access Point and the connected devices work flawlessly.

What happens when you put the device in Safe Mode and let it stay there?

BTW, are you sure you are using 1.2.0 beta and not 1.2.0-rc.x? (which x)

Thanks for the immediate response.
This is what I see on web IDE console:
So yes, the O.S. is upgrated to 1.2.0-beta.1
I’ll try to put device in safe mode and let you know.

I see, can you run particle serial inspect (in Listening Mode) and post the output?
Once you are in Safe Mode and can stay there you could try targetting 1.2.1-rc.2 and flash that.
This should trigger an automatic device OS update (make sure to let this finish - it’ll restart the device multiple times in Safe Mode, wait till it doesn’t come back up magenta).

I flashed the tinker app with 1.2.1-rc.2 target, and photon seems to work properly for the last 10 minutes!!!
Thanks a lot

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