Connected Photon goes to Green Blink when flashed

I have a Beta Photon that I connect to the cloud, and get breathing cyan. When I flash the blink a LED code it loses wifi and goes into "fast green blinking". The only way to get back to Cyan is to Factory reset, and re enter wifi credentials.

I have done this 3 times and had the same result (last time at 8:31 PST on 5/19 . Any ideas what is happening here? Code is below, but seems like code is not the issue here


// Matt's Test the Blinking Light Code
// Define the pins use for Leds
//int led = D0;  // Wired LED pin
int led2 = D7; // On Board LED

void setup() {
  // Initialize Output Pins
  //pinMode(led, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(led2, OUTPUT);

void loop() {
  //digitalWrite(led, HIGH);   // Turn ON LED pin on D0
  digitalWrite(led2, HIGH);
  delay(1000);               // Delay
  //digitalWrite(led, LOW);    // Turn OFF the LED Pin on D0
  digitalWrite(led2, LOW); // Turn off onboard LED
  delay(1000);               // Wait for 1 second in off mode

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Hey @mattvasey!

Since you have a pre-release photon, the first step is to upgrade your firmware to the latest release.

Instructions for doing that are here:

[Link updated]

If you are building locally using our make system, then please also pull the latest changes from the git repo and rebuild your firmware. If you’re building and deploying OTA from Particle Build (Web IDE) then no changes are needed.

This link generates a 404 and search is not providing. Is there a newer link?

Sorry, here:

(posting files shortly)

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here are the files:

This repo will be made public pending final approval from Broadcom. Sorry about the 404, here are the update binaries.


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Thanks muchly for fixing that up David :smile: as a pre-release photon user I’d assumed the private repo was available to them.

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The release page has been moved to our public repo -, so anyone following along can download the files from there.

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