Particle PHOTON Red/Blue ligths issue on DEV

Hello everyone!..

I have a problem with the PHOTON. When i going to upload a new code from Particle DEV, the PHOTON give me a Red/Blue ligths at the same time…a do nothing…

All of thesse days i was working normally and there is any problem…

Only i can revert this lights to fading blue, making a reset from the mobile app o uploading the code from de Web Build , (on this way works well…)

Any suggestion?

I think you are seeing the same issue

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Yes…i just seen this topic…

From any update, maybe?..

As I said in the linked thread

Dev always builds for the latest available official version (currently 0.5.1), but if your device’s system has a lower version the device falls into Safe Mode and should be helped out of that state by the so called Safe-Mode-Healer which doesn’t seem to kick in correctly.

So when you flashed your last app code, you got a 0.5.1 app, flashed it to you not-yet updated device and fell into Safe Mode.

You could get out of this via particle update or just flash a simple 0.5.1 sketch via Build which will auto-update your Photon.
After that you can reflash your desired code via Dev again.

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Hey ScruffR!

Thanks, tomorrow i will try running this and i will back again with feedback, seens that you have the solution…