Photon is in safe mode after flashing


I have two photons working until last week. But, today it’s in safe mode after flashing.
I have tested with Web IDE/Particle Dev and blink test application.
The application is so simple. There must not be any problms I think.
How can I make it work again? I have updated the firmware to 0.5.1 but, it doesn’t work.
Please help me…

Thank you.

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How did you upgrade it to 0.5.1, using the CLI? Could you try npm install -g particle-cli and then in DFU mode particle update followed by DFU mode and particle install --usb tinker? See if that runs successfully?

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Thank you for your prompt reply.

I updated the firmware with “particle_device_upgrader_windows_0.5.1-rc.1.exe” on Windows 7.
Maybe the upgrader app. is not working correctly. I have checked the version of the firmware but, it is not upgraded.

So, as you said, I have upgraded with particle-cli again.
Now the Pothon is working correctly.

Thank you a lot.

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I’m having this same issue on my Photons today. Flashing our firmware from Particle Dev has always auto-updated the Photon firmware if one is available. Now, all our Photons are going straight to safe mode.

I’ve found a workaround, by flashing a small test firmware we have in the web IDE still, which triggers the Photon firmware update like we’re used to, and then flashing our main firmware again from Particle Dev. Kind of a pain though.

That’s due to the recent release of the official 0.5.1 version which supercedes the release candidate versions and rendered them unavailable on Build.
Normally you’d get an auto-update, but you’d need to select 0.5.1 as target version.

@polystyrene, how long did you leave the devices sit in Safe Mode?
Normally Safe-Mode-Healer should get your Photons out of that once the cloud finds your device stuck in SM.

I tried leaving the first one alone for at least five minutes or so.

I’ve just tested Build and CLI (most recent 1.14.0) and they do trigger an auto-update/safe-mode-healing, but Dev doesn’t seem to (unless I’ve missed an updated Dev version).

I’m sure that Dev used to auto-update. I think I reinstalled it fairly recently, but it’s hard to tell what version I’m on, at least in Windows.

I thought so too, but I gave them the benefit of the doubt :wink:

@tonykwon @polystyrene please download the latest 0.5.1 upgrader here at the bottom:

See if that fixes things up for you. If you flashed a 0.5.1 app to your 0.5.1-rc.1 Photon from Build, it should have auto updated the system firmware to 0.5.1. You can force it to be correct with the Device Upgrader though.

Well, in my case, I haven’t done anything with the Photons except flash our own firmware to them via Dev. I haven’t ever used the upgraders or flashed release candidates. Do the upgraders just apply that firmware for the selected device directly? It sounds like I can use that upgrader locally, instead of flashing intermediate user firmware via Build, but I’m mostly concerned about Photons that are out in the field.

@tonykwon, @polystyrene: A bugfix has been released to Build.

Once you have your Electron updated to 0.5.1, just OTA flash an 0.5.0 or 0.4.8 dummy app via Build and then refresh the Build window in your browser.