Safe mode & shutdowns

Am sitting in front of a class using Particle Photon’s. One by one, the Photon’s are “dying”. The Console lists that they try connecting to cloud and then shuts down or goes into SafeMode. What’s happening here?

0.6.0 is the new default version in the IDE. It could be auto-updating them. Safe-mode healer is probably working them.

The IDE? You mean So using the IDE forces the Photon’s to update firmware?

The thing is - if the students Flash Tinker, it’ll work. Flash with anything else and the device goes into Safe Mode (purple LED)

Not the IDE, but the setting at which you set it will ‘force’ that.

If you leave it at default it will automatically switch to whatever the latest version is. Since 0.6.0 was released recently, it’s probable that’s what it’s set to. Since your User version is then higher than your System version, Safe mode healer will try to fix that by updating, hence the prolonged magenta blinking.

To note:
Once Safe Mode Healer kicks in, let it finish its work (3-4 reboots), otherwise you’ll never get out of the loop (unless you change your target to fit the system as @Moors7 said)

Ok. This is the first time this has happened to us (solid purple LED), so I didn’t know how to interpret it. So based on the docs it looks like this happens because the firmware upgrade removed the running application?

If it was a SMH update, then this would be the procedure

  1. try to flash incompatible version -> enter Safe Mode
  2. Safe Mode Healer kicks in and downloads/flashes system part 1 and restarts
  3. downloads/flashes part2 and restarts
    3.a) if this was a three part system (e.g. as Electron) same for part 3
  4. re-try flashing app from step 1 -> restart

If everything worked fine (and wasn’t interrupted by user ;-)) you should now have an updated system version and your intended application on the device.

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