Photon - Core pin compatibility (Can I connect Vbatt to 3v3 on a Photon?)

I’m looking to plug a photon into a socket designed for a Core on my energy monitor.
There are two pin mismatches that may affect this:

  1. I have an interrupt on D0 of the Core. Since the Photon doesn’t support interrupts on this pin I will short D0 to D3 and use the D3 interrupt on the Photon. This seems safe.
  2. I use 3v3* on the Core as a low noise reference voltage for my ADC inputs. On the Photon this pin is Vbatt and it doesn’t have an output voltage on it. Can I safely short 3v3 to Vbatt?

@phec, yes you can short VBAT and 3V3 and it is in fact recommended when VBAT is not used. :smile: