Powering photon from 3v3 pin is not working


I’ve been trying to power the photon from 3v3 pin, but it seems not working at all, i’ve powered it through 5v on the VIN pin when i test the voltage on 3v3 pin it will be 2.8 not 3.3, any one have faced this issue? i’ve tried it on 2 different photons with the same result.

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I have successfully powered via 3v3.
Where do you get your 3.3V from?

You can test the 3v3 powering by powering one of your Photons via USB and use the 3v3 pin of that Photon as supply to power the second one into 3v3.

@ScruffR worked like a charm from the other photon! i was trying to power it from my lab power supply but never worked will get some dc-dc converters to test with batteries.

Thank You!

Maybe it’s the current limiter on your bench supply :wink:

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