Photon as tcp server without access point

So I’ve been looking around trying to come up the best way to implement a web server that rides on the photon. The concept is pretty straightforward - I’m collecting data and I want to serve that data as some json, while I have my phone connected to the photon logging that data at a 1hz or so interval.

My current thought is that I would run softAP and loop through the rest of my code for gathering data and formatting the json, then running the web server which would hold these updating sensor values. I dont have wifi in the location I’m logging this data, so I want to connect my phone to it as an AP. I do know that I could reverse this strategy and us the phone as a hotspot, however, usage becomes unfriendly when you have to pull out your phone and enable a hotspot every time. iPhones will automatically connect to nearby APs which is ideal.

I’ve found various posts that are giving me mixed impressions about softap’s capability. Is what I’m trying to do possible with the photon?

Thanks so much for the feedback!

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