Help - Need to run Photon in AP mode running a Web Server

Hi there,

I need to control some hardware, in a area with no Wireless access points.

I want the user:

  1. To connect their phone/laptop/tablet to the Photon (AP mode)
  2. Serve up a simple web page from the Photon (Running on ?)
  3. Buttons etc on the webpage will issue page requests (say:
  4. Issuing a command will tell the Photon to abort the AP mode and connect to a WiFi (i.e. http://192…/connectWifi?SID=&password=

Any ideas?

Anyone have any ideas?

Hi @bothaj,

I think a nice wrapper for the SoftAP functionality is in the feature queue, but I’m not sure when that’ll be released. In the meantime you could use another low-cost device to host the access point, and then host a tiny web server on the photon there?


Thanks @Dave.

As a backup I was looking at the mini AP (

Anyone else know of any cheaper (good value for money) devices out there that will do the trick ?

btw I like the option in the new firmware:


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Hi @bothaj,

If you can get an AP for under $20 I think you’re doing pretty well. I think the Photon will be able to support hosting tiny access-points at some point, so that becomes the cheapest option eventually. :slight_smile: