Status of SoftAP for General Usage


Any updates on enabling Soft WiFi Access Point mode for non-web applications?

I am working on a wearable device with the Photon. The device requires a high sample rate, so I have it connecting through WiFi as a client to a remote server. The use case is much better if the Photon can act as its own AP in some cases. Clearly the basic firmware support is there since it supports SoftAP in web server mode.

Any support coming? Or is it now supported and I’ve completely missed it? :blush:


In case I wasn’t clear enough, I would like to push non-web data through WiFi with the Particle creating a WiFi hotspot. I would create a TCP/IP server on the Particle using an app I write.

Having my iPhone connect to the Particle’s Wifi during setup and using Tinker to command and receive data back is a close analogy of what I want to do.

I’m hoping for a support roadmap before we look at another controller which might support this scenario.

You can always file a support ticket at other question

But this is the respective GitHub issue milestoned for 0.8.0

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@Ed_SanDiego, using the support link can get you into contact with one of our team members.

Feel free to PM if I can assist you.