Photon softAP HTTP Page(No App)

Hello Everyone,

I am working with Particle Photon and I find myself in need of configuring my Photon using the softAP HTTP page using my laptop, tablet and mobile phone without using an App… I am not the webpage developer guy, so I don’t have any background on JS and HTML.

Is there any code/library available from where I can simply configure and access details of my Photon over softAP HTTP pages from any device?

The firmware version is 0.6.2.

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The complete example featured in the SoftAP docu does all of that independent of target device - just copy the sample as is.
To add other input options you’ll need someone who can help you with the HTML side of things.

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So, I should copy this sample example, right?

But I’m not sure in which directory it should be saved!

Thank You.

If you are building with Web IDE just copy/paste the whole code into the project main body (.ino file)

@ScruffR Actually, I’m using Desktop IDE. Shall I do the same?

I have one more question and it may sound dumb and non-obvious.
By using this code, can I configure my photon from anywhere?

Desktop IDE would be just the same.

You should be able to use this with any device that can directly connect to the AP exposed by the Photon and can run a JS capable browser.

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Thanks a lot @ScruffR.

I will work on this with one of my mate who’s more on side of HTML and JS.
Will chime in again if I’ll be having some issue!

Hey @ScruffR,

Can I use Particle Cloud functions and variables in softAP mode? Because that functionality would be very helpful.

No, since your device is acting as an AP and hence is not connected to it’s usual gateway AP which would hook it up to the cloud.


Hello @ScruffR.

I’ve successfully configured photon in softAP mode & I’m sure now it’s working as an AP.(because I’ve checked its SSID & localIP() on serial monitor).
Now all I want to do is keep my photon in softAP mode and access HTTP Webpage, but for that(softAP mode) it has to be in listening mode(which won’t allow me to be connected to the cloud). So I’m stuck here on how to access HTTP page as well as stay in softAP mode?


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Hello @ScruffR & @peekay123 ,

I’ve understood that it’s not possible to access an HTTP webpage in Listening Mode. And the feature that it could do that out of LM is probably coming in 0.8.0.

Till that, is there any other way that I can do it by making a server? Is there any library that could help?

Thank You.

@djs07, do a search for “web” in the libraries of the web IDE. You will find “WebServer” and “WebDuino” :wink:

@peekay123, Thank You. I’d have a look at them.:grinning:

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Asking the “same” question twice is not appreciated, even when using two accounts ( @djs07 & @AJ7 )

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@ScruffR, Excuse me, but that’s not me! I’m not using any other account than this!
Please do not doubt in such a way! :disappointed:

We can see the registration IP for both accounts and they are the same and registration happened on the same day too, and both questions are heading the same way, both use 7 in their alias - Coincidence or are you working as a team with @AJ7?


Hi @ScruffR,

My name is Ajay and the other one is Dev.

We work in the same industry, but not in the same team. And we’ve been assigned to do the kind of same task. We both were unaware. I know all these because I talked with my manager about this & found out. I’m sorry for consequences. From now onwards, I’ll make sure to be in his contact regularly so that we don’t ask the same questions!


Hello @ScruffR,

I’m apologizing for the things that happened around. As @AJ7 mentioned, this won’t happen again! Of course, I can understand how frustrating it is to answer the same question everywhere.:laughing:(Especially for our case!)