Can I Set Photon in fixed AP mode?

My first post! :smile:

I’m working on a project for marine application.

Short description of the project:
It is a remote controll solution with Phothon installed in the boat (running a tcp server) and controlled from a smartphone app. this soultion must NOT depend on internet only local network, it will be 3 different WiFi settings.

  1. Open SoftAP for initial setup from a smart phone.
  2. Secure SoftAP mode(should handle up to 4 smart phones)
  3. Secure Client Mode (If existing wifi network onboard)

I have a working prototype solution with YUN Shield and Arduino, but Photon may cover everything i need (9 Digital output, Can Bus (Nema 2000), UART (Nema 183).

So hopefully it is some one here who could point me in the right direction how to set the Photon WiFi in a fixed AP mode with custom SSID and Encryption.

The installed firmware is 0.53.


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@reikeland, the short answer is no, the Photon does not support SoftAP like that, (yet) and no, it does not support secure client mode. :pensive:

So I guess the long answer is: I must dig in to the firmware?
Anyone know if it’s done before with custom firmware?

Kind of do not want to give up Photon yet…

@reikeland, it has more to do with the WICED library and licensing from Cypress (aka Broadcom). If you search the forums you will find lots of information on this. More specifically, SoftAP functionality outside of listening mode and https/TLS support.