Photon SoftAp + cloud disabled

I am waiting to get my hands on the Photon (I’ve ordered 2 and should get them soon :slight_smile: )
I was wondering if there are any examples/documentations on how to put the Photon in SoftAP mode with cloud disabled.
Thanks in advanced for your help.

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OK, I looked at the Photon docs and found the following:
SYSTEM_MODE(MANUAL); will disable the could.
WIFI.CONNECT() can be used to connect to a wireless router.

I could not find anything about SoftAP.I want to be able to set the SSID and password for the SoftAP mode, does anyone know how to use the SoftAP mode?

Hi @NaAl

I believe that SoftAP is still being developed. The Photon hardware is capable but the software is still in the works.

Hi @bko,
Thank for the info. That’s a bummer :sob:
I guess I have to wait then…