Photon as an access point and max connections/throughput

I am working on a prototype for a product and was hoping to use the Photon as the access point so phones and other devices could connect and send messages to the micro controller to control a DSP over SPI.

What is the max amount of connections for the Photon if it’s setup as an access point?

I’m also looking at implementing a websocket server (possibly using as well and at times would like to send DSP values via SPI back to the connected device in real-time via a websocket. An example would be volume level from an audio signal sent every 100 ms for multiple clients.

Is the throughput good enough with the Photon to have this kind of real-time data pumping through it?

This is a good question! At present we don’t have figures for throughput and latency, although I can tell you there is no imposed limit to the number of connections.

Hi @zachwilliams

did you figure how to use the softAp on the photon yet? if so do you mind sharing them?

Hey @NaAl - I actually haven’t received my Photon yet. I might not end up using it for my product to be honest. I found some more suitable options for my product including the and