Setting up an access point with Photon

Hello, I am new to Photon and need some help with setting up my Photon to work as an access point. I do not need Photon to be connected to cloud, but I do need to make sure other devices such as smartphones or tablets can communicate with Photon.
I searched through the forum and github repository, and the only thing I could find was this:

and this:

However, I don’t think any of those posts explain explicitly how to do what I want here.
Can anyone tell me how to setup an AP with a specific SSID, if it is even possible?

This is also something I would like to know.
setup the Photon as AP, and let 8 other Photons connect to this AP without any internet (cloud) connection.
How to set the SSID and AES key… AES key can be done hard-coded if it can be all the same, but SSID is necessary to make it configurable…

Have you figured this out? I am trying to o a similar thing and am stuck…

No, I haven’t got any response to this question. I think the devs are working on this though. I think I saw some issue trackings on Github regarding this topic.