Can Particle Photon P1 set as Access Point and Station

I am working with Particle Redboard P1. I would like to have one photon on its own dedicated network and other photon to it.

Is it possible set one photon as Access Point and other as Station to have their dedicated network?

Only in a very limited fashion. In listening mode, the Photon/P1 are set up using SoftAP, which does put it in access point mode. Other devices can connect to it, however:

  • It would be only local communication using TCP and UDP since there would be no cloud connection.
  • No OTA code flashing.
  • Only supports Wi-Fi channel 1.
  • No Wi-Fi encryption (open network only).
  • There’s probably a limit to the number of simultaneous connection to SoftAP, and the limit is probably small because it’s intended to be used for configuration by one mobile device, not to set up a network.
  • Not the intended use-case, you may run into trouble getting it to work reliably.
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