Performing TCP action from Xenon


We have successfully been using a Boron LTE to collect weather station data and then store it on our FTP server using ParticleFtpClient.h. I do not have the authority to move us away from FTP use.

We added a Xenon and got the mesh network connected, but writing to the FTP server from the Xenon fails here:, port, timeout)

I suspect this is because FTP requires TCP (Xenon not capable) instead of UDP.

I am concerned that the Boron will be tied up with routing/gateway duties and not able to write data to the FTP server as well. Is there a more efficient use of network resources to get this data uploaded?

Thanks for reading.

To quote a post from our technical documentations writer, rickkas7, in regards to this question on another topic.

There is no way to do TCP directly. Your best bet might be some sort of relay to a handler that handles FTP via TCP after receiving files through a UDP connection.

I believe the best way to do this is to publish a mesh event, subscribe to that on the boron and let it do the ftp upload. Should be simple and efficient…

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