Xenon to Boron to Xenon audio streaming

Greetings. I see Xenon has handlers for DSP/Audio. I’ve also seen a few conversations about audio streaming to Particle.

My question is confined to a locally defined mesh: Xenon to Boron/Argon to Xenon via UDP; I would presume then that Xenon to Xenon is supported.

My use case is using Xenons, in part, as a full-duplex audio gateway in addition to IMU data (to the cloud). The Boron/Argon may serve audio files (playlist) or act as a mux for other UDP endpoints. No heavy weight traffic to the cloud; just telemetry. The audio would be a live stream with capture feature options for portions. Local storage.

Am I barking up a good tree?

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The mesh transport may be too low bandwidth (IEEE 802.15.4-2006: 250 Kbps), consequently continous raw audio streaming may be a stretch.


Thank you Scruff