Particle app as gateway for Xeon

Can the particle app be used a gateway to the cloud instead of the Boron or Argon or another Xenon with Ethernet? If this feature doesn’t exist. I am requesting it to be please added to the particle app. So that newbie like me doesn’t need to 2 Xeon to get the data connected to the cloud.

It does not exist and it don’t believe that will be a feature for quite some time. To get data from a Xenon, with the mobile app, without a connection to the internet would require the use of Bluetooth. I don’t know if they plan to add particle cloud-like functionality when they work on BLE Central mode which is targeted for late Q1 2019. Maybe @rickkas7 can give you a definitive answer on that.

The whole point of the Xenon devices is to act as mesh nodes that then connect to a gateway node (Argon, Boron or Xenon with Ethernet) for access to the internet. You don’t need two Xenons, you could use one Xenon with Ethernet or an Argon/Boron.

I imagine a significant amount of work would need to be done on the app and device firmware and as it stands neither is 100% reliable. I have 2 Argons and 4 Xenons and all 4 Xenons won’t stay connected to the cloud for more than a minute. I’d like to see them make the current feature set work before even considering something like this.

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The mesh communication is based on a standard that isn’t currently supported on any mobile phone I know of - hence I’d say: “No”

The “production” use case of using a phone app as a gateway isn’t strong.
Especially when a gateway for a tinkerer costs far less than the development.

Not sure what’s your the assumption of “production” use case. Opening up one more channel to post data via app can server some use case we haven’t thought about. Anyway, I think I got my answer as of now.