Mesh Data Transfer

The theory behind mesh networks emphasises the reliability of data transfer - if one device is disconnected from the network then the data can take an alternative route through other devices in order to reach the gateway.

I’m testing this out myself with 7 Xenon boards and an Argon gateway. I’ve set them up in a way that not all of the boards can directly reach and communicate with the gateway. In order to track the route the data is taking to the gateway I’ve got the boards to indicate whenever the data passes through (e.g. light an LED, Serial print, publish an event, etc.) by subscribing to it.

However, I wondered whether there was a more efficient way (maybe through the UI) that I’d be able to track the data and see what data each device is dealing with?

@zt42, since the routing is done at a low level and is not truly observable at the user level. That is, non-publish mesh (management) messages and metrics are not available. A future DeviceOS version will make these mesh metrics and data available to the user. FYI, Particle mesh uses UDP multi-casting to send out mesh messages. Because UDP is used, there is not “guarantee” that the message will reach its destination (unlike TCP).