Perfect Particle IOT waterproof project box


These are molded, not printed. It is our custom part.

I have some in stock here.

The contacts are hermetically sealed through the end cap. Even with no connector applied it is water proof.

The lte antenna will fit inside but you have to bend it at the end


Ok, so the included board breaks out VIN, GND, A0, A1, TX, RX? I will need to solder on a R-78E5.0-1 and a R-78E3.3-1 to - firstly power the boron (steps down 12V to 5V) and the second step down transformer steps 12V to 3.3V so I can alert when the pin is pulled high (which means there is a fault on the irrigator).

I’m in rural Australia where the weather is harsh (heat & rain) and the connectivity is sparse so I’m concerned that the antenna being enclosed won’t be enough and would prefer a external antenna. Would there be space to drill a hole for a SMA adaptor on the side?


Hi there should be enough room for an sma. You could put it on the connector end.
The board has a spot for a regulator but is preconfigured to bypass it. Solder your part and cut the trace.


This would be awesome in a bigger form factor for my senior design project if it were, say 5 inches x 5 inches x 1.5 inches. Have you considered making a line of these for more than just tiny micro controllers?


For now, not at the moment.


You can purchase the case, connector and PCB one stop shop from this link. More new style PCBS are on the way with grove connector pads. Old style feather pcbs with no grove connectors are available now.


Now available in a 25 pack! More Particles in more places!