Perfect Particle IOT waterproof project box


Can you still transmit and receive bluetooth/cellular/wifi signal when the board is in this housing?


yes, you can use the wireless with almost no degradation. The housing is fiber reinforced plastic.


I purchased one of these for a project. Do you also have a .brd layout you could share?


I just drew a version with grove connectors. Anyone interested?



I’m gonna guess a boat wintering in-water at a marina with a heater powered by the AC dock supply?

How are you powering this unit?


cell phone AC-USB power supply, wired into the waterproof connector. When external power is lost it stays powered from the internal lithium cell and sends notification through ifttt to my phone.


Appreciate some additional clarity. You have a Boron, antenna, battery, and BME 280 within the enclosure? Stock Particle antenna? Is the AC power supply marine grade? Thanks


I use an electron, battery and BME280 in the enclosure currently.

A boron fits too as it is smaller. and is a direct fit to the feather wing pcb.
I recommend a prismatic lipo for power backup.

The cellular antenna can fit inside if bent into an L or U. No sharp bends, just push in the case.


I use an apple phone charger. It works well though not marine grade. If it goes bad I also get a signal.



The above pcb, waterproof enclosure, and connector kit are available for 39.99. pm me.

My web store has them available here: This product is the enclosure, pcb and connector.


Good luck, too spendy for me however. And no IP rating…


Hi, This would be an IP67 enclosure.



New feather breakout pcb with grove connectors.


Available here:


This is awesome! Thanks for sharing. I am needing an enclosure exactly like this with room to mount a solar panel. Generally speaking, a flat surface or depressed surface on this enclosure that would fit a small solar panel. Do you have anything that might fit?


A .25ish watt panel should fit.


Are you getting these printed yourself? Amazon says they are unavailable…

You also have a picture of a Boron LTE…are you mounting the antenna on the inside?