Battery holder or method to secure in enclosure

Hi Particles.
Does anyone know of a good scew-down or rubber / plastic mountable battery holder for the 3.7v battery used with the Electron?


I have had great luck with industrial velcro strips. They hold up well outdoors and give you the option of replacing / removing the battery if needed.



Thanks, I’ve done the same previously…but with the number of these size (package) battery units out there I’m surprised there isn’t a silicone or plastic screw-down holder.


Well, you can get one printed it turns out. I have a Prusa Mini printer and have been trying to learn how to use it more effectively. I have not mastered Fusion360 but I do create parts for my sensors using OpenSCAD - a free program that lets you program your 3D part.

I found a model for a LiPO battery holder on Thingiverse where the creator - bless him/her - provided the OpenSCAD source code.

With this, I was able to customize the holder using the variables at the top of the file and create a holder that should work for the standard Particle LiPO cell (1800mAh) and it looks like this:

I am printing this now and will share what I get. If you don’t have a 3D Printer, you can use various on-line printing services and you could also try different materials such as the cool elastic filaments I hope to be able to figure out one day (harder to work with it turns out).

I hope this helps and thank you for the suggestion, I would never have found this without your post.



Works! Here is what the enclosure looks like. There is a little slot under the battery that could accommodate a zip tie. I got a fairly snug fit with the following parameters:

// high is not be tested it can be it will not fit in!
wall_height=2; // [3:low,2:medium,1.5:!high!]
thickness=2; // [1:3]
hole= 3; // [0:8]
sunk_screws=0; // [0:NO, 1:YES]
light=1; // [0:NO, 1:YES]
band_hole=1; // [0:NO, 1:YES]
thick_edge=0; // [0:NO, 1:YES]
//If you don't need it set to 0
mount_basis_length= 70;
//If you don't need it set to 0
mount_basis_width= 50;
mount_basis_thickness= 2; // [1:3]
//mount_basis_length need to be higher than
mb_hole_distance_length= 60;
//mount_basis_width need to be higher than
mb_hole_distance_width= 40;


Similar to some of the guys above, I have 3d printed a backing plate and battery enclosure for my 3.7v LiPos (i need 12,000mah to give me 2 weeks of cloud cover insurance because the 3g sucks so much juice along with my 3 sensors!).

The battery cage slots into the backplace via an L shaped bracket. Seems to be holding up well.

Pics below, happy to share, but the PCB was custom designed, so the mounting holes may not be so handy for you.

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