Waterproofing a project

Just to verify, the sparticle core will get too hot if I encase it in resin, yes?

Assuming that’s not an option what have you all done for projects that need to be waterproofed? I’m hacking a toothbrush and I may need to build a project box that resists water and lets the power line get in.

Are there things I can do inside the box? maybe just a thin layer of epoxy?

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The Particle Core runs a bit hot for my tastes to be fully potted. It can be done but you need to think about the thermal aspects. Epoxy is OK but RTV potting compound would be better.

If you are only looking for modest protection, have you thought about a conformal coating spray?


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I don’t know if this has been tested yet on any Particle products (or any other microcontrollers) but Rustoleum NeverWet looks like it might work. I know one of their demo videos shows them dunking a cell phone in water without any problems. Either way, proceed with great caution and maybe try it out on a cheaper microcontroller if you have one available (like an Adafruit Trinket).

I think you are not the first person to suggest that NeverWet could work but the first “feature bullet” in that web page says

  • Not intended to be applied to electronic devices or clothing

Your mileage may vary.

Just thinking out loud, but based on @bko’s statement about the Core running a little hot, you could maybe build a small heatsink (a metal plate which extends up from the P0 module) and then encase the photon in resin. You’d need to make sure a portion of the metal plate was exposed in order to properly serve as a heat sink.

Just a thought. Might be more effort than it’s worth.

Just to clarify, my comment was about the Core running a little warm, not the new Photon.

You can pot things that generate heat–you just have to plan for it! A larger enclosure with more potting compound, a heatsink in the potted area, etc. can all work. I would not have a heatsink that was partly inside and partly outside the potting compound since you would be asking for moisture ingress.

I think your best bet might be an enclosure with a tight o-ring gasket.

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Thanks for the clarification, @bko! Previous post corrected.