Particle electron antenna with rain/water/heat

Hi everyone. I couldn’t find answer for my question regarding a reliability of Particle Electron antenna outside under no protection.

My system measures humidity/temperature and transmits the data into Ubidots. No problem, it works great. However, I am about to deploy into the ‘wild’ which will be an urban area without any protection for the antenna (main computer part is inserted into a waterproof box). Now, I wonder where I should put the antenna. I will put likely under the waterproof box, but it will still make the antenna wet.

I purchased another ‘active’ antenna (they are called ‘active’ because it uses batter power.) which is recommended by some people. After several days of testing, I found that the ‘active’ antenna is not a good one (not transmitting fast and reliably), but also an antenna come with Particle Electron is really good. So, I decide to use the Particle antenna.

Please guide me if anyone uses the antenna outside and how it works when it’s wet.

Thank you.

@dyun33, if your enclosure is plastic, why not mount the antenna inside the box? How are you exposing your sensors to the environment?


Hi peekay,

I haven’t thought about putting the antenna inside the weatherproof box. Would that prevent Particle from acquiring signal? Maybe I should test that first.

I use cable gland to put the sensor out, but the cable of antenna is too thin to use cable gland I have. Thanks.

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You could use an antenna like this:

there are gps and gprs versions at least.